about t-city

T-City is a township development project endorsed by
Malaysia’s Economic Council as part of the key economic
transformation program in enhancing the national
T-City will be developed over a land size of ~456 acres,
located at approximately 10 km from Ipoh airport, 1 km
next to North-South Expressway and 5 km from North-
South Expressway Toll Exits.


about ipoh

Ipoh is also known as Bougainvillea City referring to the
Bougainvillea as the flower of the city, was once the
world’s biggest tin producer, had been developed into
one of richest cities in South East Asia around the turn of
the 19th century due to the booming tin mining industry.
Ipoh is one of the top Malaysia’s economic
contributor and third largest city in the country with a
population of more than 800,000 people. The city is
a crucial gateway to the Northern Corridor Economic
Region and East Coast Economic Region of Peninsular
Malaysia, and one of the largest construction materials
supplies in Malaysia.

The city is connected and accessible to other
major cities in Malaysia as well as internationally by air,
land and sea. The air transport infrastructures include an
international airport that operates direct flights currently
to Kuala Lumpur, Johor Singapore and Medan. Ipoh is
also directly connected to major cities, east coast and
west coast seaports in the region that include Kuala
Lumpur, Penang, Malacca, Singapore and Thailand by
the double-track railway, north-south expressway and
highway, the east-west highways.

Ipoh is surrounded by breathtaking limestone
hills and one of the best cave system in South East
Asia, lush greenery and one of the most fascinating
tourist destinations in Malaysia, splendor with heritages,
cultures and natures. The city has recorded an average
of more than 3.5 million visitors per year for the past 3

Besides being one of the world’s tourist destinations,
Ipoh has also been voted the third most affordable
retirement haven in the world 2014, for its fresh air, clean
water and relaxing lifestyle. In addition to its welcoming,
friendly, English-speaking locals, famous local cuisines
and lenient immigration policies, the city is equipped with
first-world health care facilities.